Einkorn and Kamut 1


This formula is based in part on Eric Kayser’s Organic Einkorn Bread in The Larousse Book of Bread: Recipes to Make at Home (ISBN: 978-0-7148-6887-5).  It was going to be a simple case of adding Wild garlic for the formula.  But, I didn’t order enough Einkorn!

I even thought I could find some at the supermarket or along Lordship or Rye Lanes.  And that was a foolish thought.

As I did have some Khorasan this is the result.

I slice of the wild garlic DSC_0050 web

A slice of the wild

I make a slice of the wild with a high hydration and a strong white flour base which is very popular but the combination of ancient grains and this plant works.  There is evidence Wild garlic plants have been used by humans since the Stone Age (Mesolithic), just like Einkorn.

This formula requires a pre-ferment and water that has been steeped in finely chopped Wild garlic leaves.  Make the pre-ferment and the Wild garlic water 12 hours before you intend to mix the final dough which uses Instant yeast to produce two baked loaves a few hours later. Depending on how messy you are the loaves should be between 890g – 920g each.


66g starter (100% hydration 33g rye and 33g wholewheat)
67g wholewheat flour (Shipton Mill Organic 100% Wholemeal flour (205)
67g water @ 21 C (Sainsbury’s Basic’s Sparkling Table Water – Greenmoor Spring)

Mix the water and starter together in a container until almost dissolved. Stir in the flour until fully incorporated. Cover the container and let sit at room temperature for 10 to 14 hours until ripe and matured.  The starter should be at its peak around 12 hours.


Use a mesaluna to chop up 8 leaves of Wild garlic and place these in a container.  Add boiling water to cover and leave for a few minutes before adding cold water to make up too 624g.  Cover and place into the fridge to steep.  Remove prior to use so as to bring the water back to between 15 C and 21 C when mixing the dough.


Wild garlic (Allium ursinum)


200g Pre-ferment
588g Einkorn (Shipton Mill Organic Wholemeal Einkorn)
70g White flour (Shipton Mill Canadian Strong Bread Flour #112)
100g White flour (Shipton Mill Untreated Organic White #4)
244g Kamut (Shipton Mill Organic Khorasan #413)
20g Sea salt (Trapani Sale di Gucciardo Vincenzo)
0.68g Instant Yeast (Dove’s Farm Quick Yeast)
624g Water at about 21 C (Sainsbury’s Basic’s Sparkling Table Water – Greenmoor Spring)

Knead in a Stand Mixer

Measure out the yeast, add to the water and after one minute stir to dissolve. Add the pre-ferment and then the flours and salt before mixing in a stand mixer with a dough hook on low speed for 4 minutes and then at higher speed for 4 minutes. (I use a Bosch Compact ProfiMixx MUM 44 which has 4 speed settings and for this and similar doughs low speed is speed 1 and higher speed is speed 2.  Speeds 3 and 4 are not for bread making).

Rest and Fold

Rest the dough in the mixer for 10 or 15 minutes. Tip out the dough carefully unto a well-floured work surface before folding the dough. Eric Kayser says “Fold it over upon itself once or twice. Form into a round and cover with a damp cloth.” I gently press into a square with well-floured hands and then fold stretching in from 4 corners, shape into a ball, place seam side down, flour lightly and cover with a damp cloth on the work surface.


Leave to rise for 1 hour 30 minutes before repeating the process of forming into a ball. Place into a well-floured banneton, that has been lined with Wild garlic leaves and Wild garlic white flowers. Seam side up. Place a plastic bag over the banneton and leave to proof for 1 hour 20 minutes before placing into a refrigerator to chill for 30 minutes.

Nikon Einkorn and Kamut Loaf 2 garlic detail 10.05.2016


Bake using moisture and any method you find works well for you. This can be placed on a baking sheet on the bottom shelf of an oven pre-heated to 230 C. Refer to Kayser’s book for his method. Use a Dutch Oven if you like. I prefer not to burn my fingers and get steam blasted!

Bake in a Miele Moisture Plus Oven at 220 C for 10 minutes with one burst of stream to start and again after 10 minutes. Lower the oven temperature to 210 C and bake for an addition 30 minutes.

Place on a wire rack and allow to cool. Enjoy.

wild garic 2

Wild for Einkorn and Kamut

Einkorn is a subtle, rich taste and texture so, normally I think it’s complex taste profile needs add-ins like fruits rather than different flours.  This could be 90% Einkorn and 10% white. The strong pungent flavour profile provided by the Wild garlic means the mix of Kamut with Einkorn and modern flour works reasonably well.  Asked to choose between this wild and my wild garlic sour with a modern wheat base most opt for the long fermented modern version. Both get devoured. I learnt a lot about Einkorn developing this formula.




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