Raspberry Sour with Einkorn

Raspberry Sour bread 3This was the first time I used Einkorn and I immediately regretted only ordering a small quantity from Shipton Mill.  It took one bake and taste to be smitten with this ancient organic whole flour.

The hydration for this bread is about 80% (79.2 – 81.82% depending on how calculated) and Einkorn has a lower gluten content so will be sticker than a modernist flour.

Do try this if you are used to gentling any wet sticky dough into submission.

Genetically distinct “rare” or “heritage” flour, Einkorn only has single grains on either side of the ear but these ancient little grains provide a most nutty-chewy profile to the bake.

Italians call it the little spelt or”farro piccolo” and it is supposed to be better for you – “healthier” – here it is mixed with spelt, buckwheat, roasted ground hazelnut and Shipton Mill’s untreated organic white flour number 4 (105).   The mix of Canadian and English flours in the number 4 is a great base when using wholemeal flours.

On occasions, and this was one,  the formula works first time and tastes so good there is just no thought of making changes.


45g 100% hydration sourdough starter
143g Water @ 21 C
110g white flour (Shipton Mill Untreated organic white number 4 (105))
17g wholemeal spelt flour (Shipton Mill organic wholemeal spelt 407)
16g Buckwheat flour (Shipton Mill organic)

Sourdough bubbles 07.05.2016
Pre-ferment after 12 hours at room temp


330g pre-ferment
165g Raspberry jam (Bonne Maman Raspberry conserve)
750g Water @ 27 C
825g White flour (Shipton Mill Untreated organic white number 4 (105))
165g Einkorn (Shipton Mill organic wholemeal Einkorn)
64g Ground roasted Hazelnuts (Sainburys Plc)
22g Salt (Sel Marin de l’Atlantic Danival)

Easpberry Sour dough during mixing
Raspberry rippled dough after initial incorporation


Mix the water, pre-ferment and raspberry conserve in an extra large bowl and then add most of the flour and the salt.  Roll and tuck until fully incorporated and then add the remaining flour in stages rolling and tucking with a dough scraper.  Leave to rest for 45 minutes and then perform (in your own style) the first of 4 stretch and folds.  Rest the dough for 45 minutes between folds.  Complete and then rest for 20 minutes covered with a damp cloth.  Divide into 3 equal pieces  and shape into boules using  cloth lined bannetons.

Ferment again for either 3  hours at room temperature (21 C) or for 1 hour at room temperature before chilling at 5 C in a refrigerator for 12 – 16 hours before baking.  If you opt to bake the same day place the loaves into the fridge after 2 1/2 hours so they chill for one more hour and, given oven capacity, as you bake each loaf.  As always use the finger dent test and adjust for ambient temperature.

Bake at 230 C for about 35-40 minutes.  Adjust for your oven and for fan settings.  In the case of a Meile Moisture Plus steam oven 210 C for 35 – 40 minutes with two steam injections (at start and again after 10 minutes).

Raspberry Sour crumb 08.05.2016

Raspberry Sour crumb

This is an amazing delicious sourdough with such a great texture and taste


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